Family Wellbeing Team

CHUMS has been chosen as one of 15 pilot sites to develop this exciting new service in response to the Government initiative to provide access to early intervention mental health support for more children and young people by 2020.  Our team of child wellbeing practitioners undergo intensive training to enable them to support children and families with newly emerging mental health difficulties and to prevent the escalation of these difficulties.  The team largely offer support in the school environment to children and young people who do not currently meet the thresholds for mental health services.

Presenting issues will include anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties. The team offer brief, evidence based interventions to children and young people aged up to 18, as well as their parent/carers where appropriate.

The team have developed programmes to support families where there is an emerging mental health difficulty;

  • a generic wellbeing group programme for children, young people and their parent/carers
  • a series of workshops aimed at parents to support them in maintaining the emotional wellbeing of their child.

For further information about this service, please contact the Family Wellbeing Team on

Family Wellbeing Team Workshops

Sleep Workshop

Sleep Difficulties

CHUMS Family Wellbeing Team is offering two virtual workshops which will provide strategies to help overcome a variety of sleep difficulties; Parents with Children 4-12 years and Teenagers 13+ years – please use the download links below for more information about sleep workshops.

Parent Sleep Workshop – Children 4 to 12 Years


Teenage Sleep Workshop – Young People 13+ Years


For more information and self-help strategies please click here