Support when your child is in an inpatient unit

When a child experiences a mental health crisis and is admitted to a CAMHS inpatient unit in Bedfordshire or a unit further afield, it can be hard to make sense of what is happening.

Normal family life is suspended as attention is diverted to ensuring your child gets well again.

CHUMS Family Support Service can help you to manage the impact. We offer guidance, advice and support, a listening ear and confidential space to share concerns and feelings, where experiences can be shared and understood. Alongside this we offer practical help to navigate the difficulties you might be facing, and to reduce the feelings of isolation you might have.

The Service offers emotional and practical support to parents, caregivers, and siblings whose family have been affected by an admission.

We can support you in several ways:

Support for Parents/Carers

Individual Support

At this confusing and distressing time, it can be a relief to express your thoughts and feelings with someone who understands. CHUMS offer confidential telephone, online or face to face sessions to listen and offer emotional support. We provide practical advice and guidance and work with other professionals where required.

Support Groups

Support groups are for parents and caregivers over the age of 18 years. Groups offer a space and time to share with others who have had a similar experience, to learn and gain valuable peer support. This helps reduce isolation and loneliness. Groups are delivered in the evenings, either virtually online or at a community venue.


Talking with one of CHUMS befrienders, who have experience of having a child in hospital due to mental health crisis, reduces this sense of isolation by providing empathy and shared understanding.

Support for Children and Young People

Individual support

When parents/carers focus their attention on your sibling who is unwell, you can feel isolated. We offer a confidential space to allow you to focus on yourself, understand what has happened  and express your thoughts and feelings. We will meet you at a venue that you choose either at school, face to face in a community venue, or online.

Support Group

CHUMS offer group support for siblings aged 6-17 years, giving the opportunity to share with others of a similar age, building friendships with those who are going through a similar experience. These sessions are face to face in a community venue with optional activities including arts and crafts, games and music, as well as a time to share stories (if you choose) and gain support.

CHUMS is here to help

You can contact us by telephone on: 01525 863924 or email: