CHUMS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information & Resources

From Lockdown to Relaxation of Covid Rules: Tips on Looking After your Mental Health from the Mental Health Foundation.


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Isolation Inspiration Videos

Colour Collage

Join Abi today in creating a colour collage. All you’ll need is some pieces of coloured paper and some creativity!

Circuit Training

10 exercises, 30 seconds each. After each round, take 30-60 seconds break and do the circuit 3 times.

Make a Worry Box

Why not get creative today and help your children make a worry box!

Guitar Chords

Learn to play some chords on the guitar with Andy today! Once you’ve learnt four chords why not get creative and write a song of your own.

Gardening Time

It’s so important to get some fresh air when you’re inside for most of the day, so why not enjoy being out in your garden and join Steph and her family in planting some seeds!

Crayon Art

Remove the paper sleeves from your crayons and using a glue gun (with adult supervision) glue them onto some paper. Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons and create your work of art!