Psychoeducation Workshop Registration Form

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Please answer all the questions on the form below and clearly state which workshop you would like to attend.
Before completing the form, please read the following information:

  • To be accepted onto a workshop, your child must be registered to a GP surgery in Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough or Luton.

  • The workshops are designed as a starting point for families who have not previously accessed support from mental health services and are suited for children with low level difficulties.

  • If you are concerned that your child’s problem is causing a moderate/severe impact on their life, then these series of workshops are unlikely to address your concerns and we would recommend making a CHUMS/CAMHS referral on our website; .

  • Equally these workshops will not address queries or difficulties in relation to risky behaviour (e.g., self-harm, suicide ideation).

  • All workshops are one off and your child will be discharged afterwards, with no further contact scheduled.

  • If you are unable to attend a workshop, please email us and let us know at least 24 hours beforehand. If you give us less than 24 hours notice or fail to attend, you will be discharged from our service.

  • If you sign up to multiple workshops and you are unable to attend the first workshop, you must let us know 24 hours beforehand. If you do not inform us of this, we will assume that you do not want to access any further workshops and you will be discharged from our service.

  • Please be mindful that these workshops may be subject to cancellation, we will aim to inform you of any cancellations as timely as possible. In the event that we are unable to do this prior to the workshop start time we will instead provide you with a Q&A session around the workshop topic.