Not all children and young people can or are willing to engage in traditional 1:1 talking therapies. For many, it is simply too intense or talking through their feelings in that setting is too difficult.

Unfortunately, because of a lack of alternative provision, many children and young people do not receive the support they need and often express their frustrations through unhelpful behaviours. They may then struggle long-term with educational engagement leading to potentially negative personal and social impacts.

Our programmes are designed to support children in a way that is fun and engaging through activities they are passionate about (i.e., music & multi-sports) with a sound psychological approach around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, a well-known and evidence-based psycho-social intervention.

Although these programmes do not seek to treat mental or psychological disorders by psychological means, it aims to give children and young people a better understanding of their emotions and provides them with new tools to cope better. Hence, this provision targets mild difficulties by providing early intervention to those aged 7-11 years old (or school years 3 to 6) who may be struggling with difficulties around anxiety, low-mood, low self-esteem, managing emotions, and/or challenging behaviours.

Through using multi-sports and music we are able to evidence a tangible improvement around behaviour, anxiety, self-confidence and engagement in learning.

COVID-19 Virtual Recreational Therapeutic Service Support

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to support children and young people through virtual TACTICS and ENCORE programmes, both in school and at home. These have been delivered through a mixture of group and 1:1 support with live sessions being delivered via Microsoft Teams (see information below).

In addition to our ENCORE and TACTICS programmes, we run two drop-in groups that meet weekly; ONSIDE is a virtual physical activity, fitness and football group and Music in Mind is a virtual choir. Both groups are available to current and previous CHUMS service users. More information about these drop-in groups can be found below.


(Multi-sports Based Intervention Programme)

The TACTICS Multi-sports Programme is currently available to children and young people across Bedfordshire and Luton.

TACTICS is a six-week multi-sports based programme for up to eight children and young people who would benefit from support for managing their emotions and challenging behaviour.

When playing sports, it is vital to think about your choices, your consequences and your next move. Without thinking these important things through, a player is likely to make mistakes and ultimately not perform well. The multi-sports programme encourages students to think about these things on a sports pitch so that they become second nature. By doing so, these same skills can be used in the classroom and lives at home.

Throughout the TACTICS programme we focus on a variety of topics including:

  • understanding emotions

  • working together with our support network

  • thinking before acting

  • strengths and weaknesses

  • expressing anger in helpful ways

To enquire about the possibility of running a TACTICS programme at your school, please email Bert Klemmer at

“I had the chance to speak out and be listened to; it was a really fun time there”

(Young person)

“I got a lot of support for when I’m angry; It helped me to calm down”

(Young person)

“I’ve learnt to not get involved in silly situations that can get me in trouble”

(Young person)


(Music-Based Intervention Programme)

The ENCORE Music Programme is available to children and young people across Bedfordshire and Luton.

ENCORE is a six-week music-based programme for up to eight children and young people experiencing mild difficulties around anxiety, low self-esteem and low confidence.

Throughout the ENCORE programme we focus on a variety of topics including:

  • understanding emotions

  • the worry cycle (based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy cycle)

  • self-esteem

  • working together with our support network

  • challenging unhelpful thoughts

To enquire about the possibility of running an ENCORE programme at your school, please email Omi Carter at

“ENCORE is really fun. You get to build up your confidence. If you have anxiety it helps you because CHUMS give you helpful tools and you can play instruments and have fun too!”

(Young person)

“As a school, we have seen a positive impact from the pupils who have completed the programme. The pupils have seemed more confident and been able to deal better with their own day to day lives. It also allowed them the opportunity to play a wide range of musical instruments and work with other pupils in a small safe group setting whilst relating it back to their anxieties. One pupil in particular was able to stand up and sing in front of the whole school before Christmas in our school talent contest.”


“I’ve never seen him so animated/positive after school about his session, especially as he wasn’t keen to do it.”


“After the session ‘United We Stand’ I started sharing things with my parents that I had never done before and since then we have been arguing less and I feel they respect and understand me more now.”

(Young person)

“I would never have been able to talk in front of people let alone play music! Mum noticed how much happier I was each day coming home from school.”

(Young person)

“I loved performing with friends, learning to play the ukulele and I really liked the discussions. Go to CHUMS. It’s amazing, fun and you learn things for the future and now. They were the best days of my life at school. It’s what got me into school.”

(Young person)

“If I am worrying about doing something, I can practise deep breathing. It taught me to calm down, relax and not get so worried.”

(Young person)

ONSIDE Virtual Drop-In

Held on Wednesdays between 6.00pm – 6.30pm
(Term Time Only)

ONSIDE is a drop-in physical activity, fitness and football session that meets weekly during term time, for children aged 8-18 with any exercise experience or ability.

Your child does not have to be part of any sports club and if they are part of one, they may still want to attend the group. They just need to bring with them a positive attitude to exercise and have fun!

To join ONSIDE, you will need to register to receive the Zoom link and will require a charged laptop, tablet or phone, a small space at home that is big and safe enough to do exercise, a football (although most exercises can be done without a ball) and a water bottle.

For more information about ONSIDE, please email Bert Klemmer at

Music in Mind Choir

Music in Mind Choir – Held on Thursdays between 4.15pm-5pm (Term Time Only).

Music in Mind is a drop-in choir that meets weekly during term time, for children aged seven upwards.

During each session we have a short warm up and then learn a song to sing together – we focus of a selection of pop, chart and musical songs.

Each song is taught over a few weeks and then if the young people would like to, they are given the opportunity to audio record themselves and all vocal tracks are mixed together for a final piece of music.

During Music in Mind choir rehearsals all participants will be on mute due to audio delays whilst learning the various sung parts.

For more information about Music in Mind Choir, please contact Omi Carter on

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What happens to your personal data?

The information that you share with us stays within a dedicated computer system and is stored on a specialist client database called PCMIS. This information does not stay within our website and submitted referrals are not stored within the website environment or with any other third party. Referrals are transmitted directly into our database. This ensures that personal data is stored safely and securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. This is only accessed and used to plan and monitor CHUMS support.

We regularly share information with other professionals including CAMHS and Early Help. This is to ensure that we are working together to provide every young person with the right support at the right time.