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CHUMS Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People provides therapeutic support in a variety of ways.

CHUMS unique service model ensures that we support your whole family wherever possible. We recognise that parent and carers sometimes need some help too in supporting their children, when there is a mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulty.  All our group programmes offer a facilitated parent/carer group alongside our children and young people’s groups.

What is good mental health?

We talk a lot about Mental Health at CHUMS but what actually is it? and how can we keep it healthy?

Let’s Talk

Here’s a short video of Ben and Kirsty doing just that. We hope that this type of conversation will encourage more people to be open about their mental health.

“[Clinician] has been fantastic. His way of communicating with [child] and putting her at ease has been exceptional”

“I feel that [Child] is able to see that he isn’t the only person to have anxiety and has been given good advice with coping with it”

“My daughter has someone to talk to about the problems she feels she faces without being judged”

“My child was listened to and her advice was given clearly and individually to her needs”

“Our counsellor has been extremely professional but demonstrated warmth and compassion at the same time”

“The staff were friendly and kind. I think [child] felt safe and was not upset or distressed by the process once at the sessions”

“My daughter was listened to and time was taken to understand her issues. She wasn’t made to feel she was silly for having them”

“Taken seriously and made to feel very welcome and reassured. Instant connection with counsellor, very supportive and sympathetic, understanding needs”

“[Clinician] was so helpful and made [child] & I feel completely at ease. His problems were not as difficult as first thought”

“I’m just very appreciative of how quickly we were seen and how kind and understanding everybody has been”

Resources and Information

There are a number of websites available for parents and carers who need information to help them support their child’s emotional wellbeing. Listed below are a few links that you may find useful.  Please also take a look at our downloadable leaflets which offer advice and strategies for you to try at home.

Families Under Pressure

Simple tips and tricks


Medication information page


Young Minds

Includes details for parent helpline



Mental health support and information



A range of leaflets and advice pages for parents


National Autistic Society

A wealth of information on ASD


Tourettes Action

For information on tics and tourettes


BEAT Eating Disorders

Information and support for eating disorders


Anti Bullying Alliance

Information for parents about the management of bullying


SEND Guide

Information and reading on special educational needs

SEND Guide for Parents and Carers

The Virtual Library

Guide for reading materials and books for children and parents and carers



Anxiety is a normal emotion that can be useful, keeps us safe and can enhance performance. It becomes a problem when it is more severe or frequent and interferes with everyday life or stops us taking part in things that we would like to try.

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