Referrals into our Emotional Wellbeing Service are reviewed weekly at the CHUMS/CAMHS single point of entry meeting (SPoE). Following this meeting you will receive a letter or email advising the most appropriate service to support the child/young person. This may not be CHUMS or CAMHS, in which case you will be given contact details of the relevant service.

The following referral criteria is used across all our clinical services:

  • The young person must be 17 years of age or younger
  • Where two people have parental responsibility but live in different homes, we recommend that both parties are aware of any referral being made. However, CHUMS will accept appropriate referrals from either parent
  • There must not be any unresolved legal issues or issues being investigated by social care. Where there is an ongoing court case professionals and families should be advised that it is better to refer once the case is concluded
  • CHUMS does not mediate residency and contact arrangements. Parents should be advised to approach the family mediation service or discuss with a solicitor
  • CHUMS will not be involved in any legal issues in relation to parental separation. Court reports should be commissioned by solicitors from professionals who work on a private basis