CHUMS Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People provides therapeutic support in a variety of ways.  CHUMS has developed a unique service delivery model to ensure that children and young people are able to access a service that supports their individual needs.  Please see the drop down to see our current range of service delivery.  You can refer to any of our services using the online referral form.  However, please make sure you read the criteria for the service you are interested in, before completing the form.  If you have any questions with regards making a referral please give us a call.

CHUMS offers individual support, group work, family support, family days, activity days and residential weekends.  CHUMS ethos is to support the family as a whole wherever possible and some of our current services directly support adults.  Our multi-disciplinary clinical team are all well qualified and experienced clinicians.  Many of our staff are experienced in more than one area of the service.  It is important to us that all our staff have a passion for making a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families.


CHUMS started as a voluntary service supporting bereaved children, young people and their families in 1997.  In 2000, funding was provided by Macmillan to offer a countywide bereavement service.  Thereafter until 2011, CHUMS was supported by the NHS.  However, in 2011 CHUMS ‘spun out’ of the NHS to become a social enterprise, enabling development and growth, to become the service it is today.  On leaving the NHS CHUMS comprised 2 services, 11 staff and a team of volunteers, receiving approximately 350 referrals per year.  Today, CHUMS delivers 9 therapeutic services with additional support for schools, has 55 staff and 80 volunteers, supporting over 3,000 referrals per year.

Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise we are commissioned by the NHS to provide services to the community.  As a social enterprise any profits are reinvested into the community.

Our Charity “CHUMS Charity”

CHUMS Charity has had charitable status since 2006 and enables us to deliver services which do not receive contractual funding.  Our fundraising page shows some of the ways you can help us raise funds to support these services.

Our Mission

To improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Luton, Bedfordshire and beyond, enabling positive and fulfilling lives by:

  • Increasing emotional resilience in children, young people, families and communities
  • Offering therapeutic support to children, young people and families
  • Actively engaging service users, families and other stakeholders to influence service delivery
  • Raising awareness of mental health difficulties through training and campaigning, to reduce stigma and highlight the need for prevention and early intervention