CHUMS was initially created to meet the needs of children and their families following the death of someone close, however they may have died.

We offer support in a variety of ways to children, young people and their families across Luton and Bedfordshire.

Children experience the pain of loss just as much as adults, although their reactions will depend on their age, maturity and understanding of events. Adults often try to protect children from the pain of the loss, perhaps feeling that they are too young to understand, or that talking about the loss will be too distressing.

Experience has shown us that children can gain a great deal from meeting others of their own age who have had similar experiences and, if given the chance to understand events and to express their own feelings, they can learn to adjust to their loss.

The Service is an organisation established from a wide range of experienced, trained professionals and volunteers throughout Bedfordshire.

If you are making a referral into our bereavement service please include information about who died, when they died and the cause of death. We are able to support children/young people from the age of 3 to 18.